[Retros] King mated on the 7th/8th rank (computer solved)

Hirokaz ONODA glkoon at yahoo.co.jp
Fri Nov 17 04:35:54 EST 2006


> White king on ...


> a8: (8.0, 1) 1. d4 d5 2. Kd2 Bd7 3. Kc3 Ba4 4. Kb4

> b5 5. Ka5 Nc6+ 6. Ka6

> Qd7 7. Kb7 Kd8 8. Kxa8 Qc8# (78 PGs)

So, the following is the shortest captureless game for
White's King on a8, isn't it?

1.Pd2-d3 Pb7-b6 2.Re1-d2 Fc8-b7 3.Rd2-c3 Fb7-d5
4.Rc3-b4 Cb8-c6 5.Rb4-b5 Ta8-c8 6.Rb5-a6 Fd5-c4
7.Ra6-b7 Cc6-b8 8.Rb7-a8 Fc4-a6 9.Pc2-c4 Cb8-c6
(This is a symmetric version of J. H. Turkstra, 1994)


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