[Retros] Pawn to-the-7th rank mates

Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr
Mon Nov 13 20:54:19 EST 2006

>> Category D:

>> bxc7#/...bxc2# etc., double checkmate


>> 1.e4 Nh6 2.Bd3 Nf5 3.exf5 g6 4.Be4 Bh6 5.d3 Bxc1 6.fxg6

>> Bf4 7.Nd2 Bg3 8.hxg3 Kf8 9.Rh4 Kg8 10.Rg4 Qf8 11.gxh7#

>> (Andrey Frolkin)


> A shorter one :


> 1.Pe2-e4 Pe7-e5 2.Dd1-g4 Cg8-e7 3.Dg4xg7 Ce7-c6

> 4.Dg7-h6 Ff8-g7 5.Pg2-g4 O-O 6.Pg4-g5 Fg7-h8

> 7.Pg5-g6 Dd8-g5 8.Ff1-e2 Dg5xg1 9.Th1xg1 Tf8-d8

> 10.Pg6xh7

The same idea works for the opposite side :

1.Pe2-e4 Pe7-e5 2.Cg1-e2 Dd8-g5 3.Ce2-c3 Dg5xg2
4.Cc3-a4 Dg2-h3 5.Ff1-g2 Pg7-g5 6. O-O Pg5-g4
7.Fg2-h1 Pg4-g3 8.Dd1-g4 Ff8-e7 9.Dg4xg8 Th8xg8
10.Tf1-d1 Pg3xh2

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