[Retros] Solving in Messigny 2006 : problems

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For Olli Heimo
In Einstein Chess, when a piece is moving without capturing, it changes of
figures as follow. The Queen becomes Rook, a rook becomes a bishop, a bishop
becomes a knight and a knight becomes a pawn. When a piece is moving and
capturing the transformation is reversed i.e. a pawn becomes a knight as so
The pawns don't promote (on the 8th rank a pawn remains like that).
If a pawn appears on the first rank, I can make a 1, 2 or 3 steps move at
once and there are by the way 2 possible en passant captures.

Olivier RONAT

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Thierry LE GLEUHER kirjoitti 08.06.2006 kello 21:09:

> Dear retro friends,

> Here are the problems of the Messigny 2006 Retro solving contest

> 4)


> rn3b1r/ppp3pp/2kp4/5p2/bq1P4/3Q4/PPPnP1PP/RNB1KBNR


> SPG 11.0 (15+13) (C+)

I tried for 2,5 hours and I got 6 problems solved. I will
continue to morrow. I did not try Einstein-chess, because
I dont know the excact rules,which are in French in the
attachment but I dont know French enough. And I skipped number 4, because
the material is 15+15, not 15+13 as stated in the message.
The position itself seems to be correct. Olli

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