[Retros] Messigny 2006 : quick composing retro tourney - announcement

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Thu Jun 1 02:23:30 EDT 2006


Prelimary announcement.
This year, organizers of PCCC meeting in Wageningen wish that tourneys held
there are opened only to meeting participants and I will follow their wish. So
Messigny will be the only composing tourney I organize this year with
Internet entries allowed. Champagne 2006 will not be opened to Internet entries (so

: weep or come to Wageningen!).

I also take notice of some people claims (among them Andrei Frolkin : see
his articles in feenschach for example) that a lot is done for promoting SPGs
and almost nothing for other forms of retro problems.

Below the Messigny 2006 announcement.

Best wishes,


Any kind of retro problem EXCEPT SPG (fairy retros, Procas, etc. accepted)
showing Pronkin and/or Anti-Pronkin

Pronkin : a promoted piece occupies the origine square of a piece of same
kind and color
Anti-Pronkin : an original piece occupies the promotion square of a piece of
same kind and color

example :
Michel Caillaud, "Retour a l'envoyeur", dedicated to petiteglise,
France-Echecs 2005
21 last single moves ? (12+13)
1# (Who?)

last moves :
-1.Sf3-g1 b3-b2 -2.Sd4-f3 b4-b3 -3.Sc6-d4 b5-b4 -4.Sb8-c6 b6-b5 -5.c7×Sb8=S
Sc6-b8 -6.d6xPc7 Sd4-c6 -7.d5-d6 Sf3-d4 -8.d4-d5 Sg1-f3 -9.d3-d4 h2xTg1=S
-10.d2-d3 h3-h2 -11.h2xSg3
Thematical pieces (Pronkin) are wSg1 promoted on b8 and bS uncaptured on b8
promoted on g1
(Black to play : 1.f3#? 1.Dh6#!)
(Retour à l'envoyeur = back to the sender
petiteglise = Joaquim Iglesias)

Entries to _lr.phenix at free.fr_ (mailto:lr.phenix at free.fr) before 4th June,

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