[Retros] Retro-Phenix 131 solutions (in Phenix 142 issue)

Thierry LE GLEUHER t.legleuher at sentoo.sn
Wed Jan 18 14:19:12 EST 2006

Dear retro friends,

There are Phénix 131(July-August 04) solutions, found in Phénix 142
(July-August 05) issue.

Don't forget that your unpublished problems are always welcome.



4626. Jean-François BAUDOIN

a) bQ could have been captured by wPa and black OOO is always possible!

After 1.fxg7 (threating g8Q#) Blacks can defend by: 1
Nxc6 2.Ke3 OOO
!!! 3. ???

Solution :

1.axb8Q(R)+ Rxb8 2.cxd7+ Kd8 3.fxe7#

b) Here, wPs captured twice, so bRa8 isn’t the bQR and black OOO is now

1.fxg7 (threating g8Q#) Nc6+ 2.Ke3 ! ~ 3.g8Q(R)#

4627. Dmitrij BAIBIKOV

+ wNf7, + bNg7, + bNf5, + bQg5

Retro :

1. ... Re7-e8+ 2.Rh1-h3 a2-a1=N 3.Rf1-h1 a3-a2 4.Ne8-g7 Ng7-f5+
5.Rf5-f1+ a4-a3 6.Nc7-e8 a5-a4 7.Na6-c7 c7-c6 8.Nb8-a6 a6-a5 9.b7-b8=N
a7-a6 10.a6xNb7 Nd8-b7 11.a5-a6 Qh4-g5 12.Ng5-f7+ Nf7-d8+ 13.a4-a5
Qh1-h4 14.a3-a4 h2-h1=Q 15.a2-a3 h3-h2 16.h2xPg3

We have: e7xQd6, e2àe5xBd6, f7àf1B, wPf2 has been captured in f column.

4628. Joachim IGLESIAS

1.Nc3 d5 2.Nxd5 Nd7 3.Nb6 Ndf6 4.Nxa8 Kd7 5.Nxc7 Ne8 6.Nxe8 Kxe8 (C+)

4629. Reto ASCHWANDEN (4405bis)

1.d4 Nc6 2.d5 Ne5 3.d6 Ng6 4.dxe7 d5 5.b4 Kd7 6.e8=N Bc5 7.b5 N8e7 8.b6
Rf8 9.bxc7 b5 10.Nd6 Bb7 11.c8=R Qb6 12.Re8 Raxe8 13.Nc8 Nxc8 (C+)

To loose a tempo, 2 Ceriani-Frolkin pieces (wR+wN) exchange their places
before been captured.

4630. Diyan KOSTADINOV

1.f3 e6 2.Kf2 Qh4+ 3.Ke3 Ke7 4.Qe1 Kf6 5.Qg3 Be7 6.Qg4 Qe1 7.Qa4 Kg5
8.Ke4 Kh4 9.h3 Kg3 10.Rh2 Kf2 11.Kf4 Qd1 12.g3+ Ke1 13.Rf2 Bh4 14.Bg2
Ne7 15.Rf1# (C+)

Mat position without capture, with black royalties on white positions.

4631. Eric PICHOURON

1.a4 a5 2.Ra3 Ra6 3.Rb3 Rd6 4.Rb4 axb4 5.a5 b6 6.a6 Bb7 7.a7 Be4 8.a8=R
Nc6 9.Ra1 Qa8 10.g3 Qa2 11.Bg2 Qe6 12.b3 Nf6 13.Bb2 Nd5 14.Bxg7 Bxg7
15.Nc3 OO 16.Ra8 h6 17.Rxf8+ Kh7 18.Ra8 Kg6 19.Ra1 (C+)

1 Pronkin piece (wRa1) + 1 Switchback (Ra1-a8xf8-a8-a1)

4632. Gerd WILTS

1.Nc3 d5 2.Ne4 d4 3.Ng5 d3 4.e4 dxc2 5.d4 Bd7 6.Be3 c1=N 7.Qa4 Ne2 8.b3
Ng3 9.OOO f5 10.Kb1 f4 11.Rc1 f3 12.Rc4 fxg2 13.f4 Bc6 14.N1f3 g1=N
15.Bh3 N1e2 16.Bc8 Nc1 17.Rhxc1 Ne2 18.R1c2 Ng1 19.Bxg1 (C+)

2 Ceriani-Frolkin pieces (2 bN) exchange their places before been
captured !

4633. Eric PICHOURON

1.a4 h5 2.a5 Rh6 3.a6 Rb6 4.axb7 Nf6 5.bxa8=R Bb7 6.g4 Bxh1 7.Bg2 Nc6
8.Bd5 Qb8 9.Ba2 Kd8 10.b3 Kc8 11.Bb2 Kb7 12.Bd4 Ka6 13.c3 Kb5 14.Qc2 a6
15.Kd1 Qa7 16.Rd8 Rb8 17.Kc1 Ra8 18.Kb2 Nb8 19.Ka3 Bb7 20.Nf3 Bc8 (C+)

2 Switchbacks (bN + bB) + 1 sibling bR

4634. Paul RAICAN

1.h4 e6 2.h5 Ba3 3.h6 Ne7 4.Rh5 OO 5.Rd5 exd5 6.hxg7 h5 7.b4 h4 8.Bb2 h3
9.Be5 h2 10.Nc3 h1=R 11.Qb1 Rh8 12.Qb3 Kh7 13.g8=R d4 14.Rg3 Ng6 15.Rh3+
Qh4 16.Rh1 d5 17.Bh2 Bh3 18.g3 Nd7 19.f4 Rae8 20.f5 Re6 21.fxe6 (C+)

Phoenix-Pronkin (wRh1) + Pronkin (bRh8)

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