[Retros] Two corrections to the Messigny 2005 Analysis

Francois Labelle flab at EECS.Berkeley.EDU
Sun Jan 1 14:30:35 EST 2006

To Otto:
There are two corrections to my analysis of the awarded problems (two
missing interceptions).

2nd (3,bNb8,bQd8) (2,bNg8,bQd8) (1,bPh7,bRh8)
becomes(3,bNb8,bQd8) (2,bNg8,bQd8) (1,bPh7,bRh8) (1,bNg8,wQd1)

4th HM (2,wNg1,wQd1) (1,wPd2,bBf8) (1,bRh8,wQd1)
becomes(2,wNg1,wQd1) (1,wPd2,bBf8) (1,bPd7,bQd8) (1,bRh8,wQd1)

The first omission is due to the fact that to save time I didn't program
interceptions that allow castling and I forgot to look for those manually.
This was noted by Andrey Frolkin at the time.

The second omission is due to an error in the initial published solution
of the problem.


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