[Retros] 50-moves rule

Noam Elkies elkies at math.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 28 21:57:16 EST 2006

"Kostas Prentos" <prentos at the.forthnet.gr> writes:

> Some years ago, there were certain endgames (in OTB chess)

> for which the FIDE rules allowed more than 50 moves for a draw.

> I think that now, the 50-moves rule is valid without any exceptions.

Last I saw, the tournament director was still allowed to declare
in advance an extension for certain endgames, at his or her discretion
(e.g. 80 moves for R+B/R, 90 for N+N/P...). Has this been abolished
by now? Did any director ever declare such an extension, and if so
did any game actually use the extended limit?

--Noam D. Elkies

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