[Retros] 50-moves rule

Kostas Prentos prentos at the.forthnet.gr
Thu Dec 28 14:48:06 EST 2006

Hello Olli!

I am very interested to know the length of this "longest possible game", according to
your calculations.

Some years ago, there were certain endgames (in OTB chess) for which the FIDE rules
allowed more than 50 moves for a draw. I think that now, the 50-moves rule is valid
without any exceptions.

Best wishes,

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> Hello!

> There has been a lot of messages concerning the 50-moves

> rule. It has been agreed that the rules changed about 10-

> 15 years ago. Before that the draw could only be claimed

> by showing that 50 moves have happened without capture or

> pawn move. Nowadays draw can be claimed also if there is

> a possibility make such a move. This has influence to the

> longest possible game, where no one could claim for draw.

> My game was published in in "Suomen Tehtäväniekat" 2004,

> and surprisingly enough it is only one half move shorter

> than the game with old rules. Olli.


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