[Retros] Pawn to-the-8th-rank mates

Hirokaz ONODA glkoon at yahoo.co.jp
Wed Dec 27 10:28:52 EST 2006


=R# unique, whereas =Q# non-unique

1.Pe2-e3 Ph7-h5 2.Dd1xh5 Cg8-h6 3.Dh5xh6 Pg7xh6
4.Pg2-g4 Ff8-g7 5.Pg4-g5 Fg7-d4 6.Pg5-g6 Fd4-b6
7.Pg6-g7 Pc7-c5 8.Pg7xh8=T

1.Pb2-b3 Pc7-c5 2.Fc1-a3 Dd8-a5 3.Fa3-b4 Da5xa2
4.Cb1-a3 Pc5-c4 5.Dd1-b1 Pc4xb3 6.Db1xa2 Pb3-b2
7.Da2-e6 Pd7-d5 8.Ca3-c4 Pb2xa1=T

slower opposite color game
1.Pc2-c3 Pb7-b5 2.Dd1-a4 Pb5xa4 3.Pb2-b4 Pa4-a3
4.Fc1-b2 Pa3xb2 5.Cb1-a3 Pa7-a6 6.Ca3-c4 Pb2xa1=T
and 6...Pb2xa1=D too.
(Who needs slower opposite color games? Maybe at least a
few poeple do in the world.)

This is not a new record, but I like this tiny game.
1.Ph2-h4 Pg7-g5 2.Ph4xg5 Cg8-h6 3.Th1xh6 Ff8xh6
4.Pg5-g6 Fh6-g5 5.Pg6-g7 Ph7-h5 6.Pg7xh8=T


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