[Retros] Christmas composing tourney (french ISC 2007)

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On occasion of 3rd International Solving Contest, that will take place on
21st of January, a quick composition tourney is held in France.
Problems featuring "Multicaptures" Chess are required.
Multicaptures was invented by Romeo Bedoni in 1993.
Definition : a piece (including royal piece) can be captured only if it is
directly attacked in at least in 2 ways. Otherwise, it is unvulnerable.

Example :
Romeo Bedoni, Phenix 2000
White : Kd1 Pb7d5f7
Black : Kd8 Pd2
h#3 Multicaptures (4+2) C+
1.b1=R (attacked only once, wK is not in check) b8=Q (same for bK) 2.Rb7 d6
3.Rd7 f8=Q#
(if 1...b8=R? bK can escape by 4.Kc7!
if 1.b1=Q? 3.Qd7, black can parry the final check by 4.Qc8! or 4.Qe8!).

All stipulations, as well as combinations with other fairy pieces or
conditions are allowed.
(Retros are of course very welcome!!)

Problems are to be sent to neutral judge Guy Sobrecases
(_sobrecases at yahoo.fr_ (mailto:sobrecases at yahoo.fr) ) who will transmit them to me in anonymous
(Guy can help to test some entries with Winchloe, as Multicaptures are not
available in Popeye).
Closing date is sunday 14th of January, 24:00 (french hour).
Award will be announced on spot of the french ISC, on 21st of January (and
slightly later on Internet).

Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year 2007 to all of you!!

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