[Retros] 6 e8=R#, again

Noam Elkies elkies at math.harvard.edu
Mon Dec 18 19:57:43 EST 2006

Mario reported:

> 4 Pe7-e8=R

I had found only two of these. The other are therefore these:

1 g4 d6 2 Bh3 Bf5 3 gxf5 Qd7 4 f6 Kd8 5 fxe7+ Kc8 6 e8=R#

(both C+ Popeye in under a second). Same basic idea, different pinner.

Earlier Mario wrote:

> So if somebody finds an instance for a category mentioned in my list -

> like Olli and Noam recently did - then he should get the attribution

> as the composer, not my computer.

I don't see how I deserve this credit, since I likely wouldn't have even
tried to find such a position had you not given the summary of the
computer results. This is basically a case of you posting a puzzle
and me being the first (other than you) to solve it.


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