[Retros] recent improvements

Mario Richter mri_two at t-online.de
Mon Dec 18 03:43:40 EST 2006

For the 11 plies games I had split the task into subtask.
Merging the results by hand I made a little error:

- Pf7xe8=Q doesn't belong to that list because it is
already included in the 10 plies list (and maybe this
entry irritated Noam ...).

Here the (hopefully) correct list:

2 Pc7xd8=N
1 Pe7xd8=N
2 Pe7xf8=N
1 Pg7xf8=N
5 Pe7-e8=B
2 Pe7xf8=B
36 Pc7-c8=R
10 Pd7-d8=R
4 Pe7-e8=R
20 Pb7xa8=R
15 Pd7xc8=R
1045 Pe7xd8=R
5 Pd7xe8=R
1317 Pe7xf8=R
61 Ph7xg8=R
33 Pe7-e8=Q
20 Pb7xa8=Q
5 Pd7xc8=Q
1465 Pe7xd8=Q
4 Pd7xe8=Q
1299 Pe7xf8=Q
61 Ph7xg8=Q

With respect to Andrew's question about discovered/double-check,
Noam already gave the answer.

Just a little addition: Doing a byhand-check, it seems, that with
11 plies all correct SPGs ending with double-check have the
pattern wQd7,wPe7,bKf7 in the position before the last move.

(And that is not really surprising, isn't it?)



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