[Retros] another 8th rank mate

Noam Elkies elkies at math.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 14 15:02:45 EST 2006

Andrew writes:

> Oops I should have typed fxeB instead of gxfB. I've been dyslexic

> in chess algebraic notation all my life, sigh. It should have read:

> fxeB

> 1rbnBbnr/pppkp2p/4p3/4P2Q/8/6p1/PPPP1P1P/RNB1K1NR

> PG in 19.0

> "Nicolas Dupont & Andrew Buchanan" ? :-)

Hm, feB is tricky but it surely doesn't take 19.0 moves,
especially for fe8 ;-) Presumably that should be 19 ply,
i.e. 9.5 moves. But even that can be improved:

r2nBbnr/ppp1p1pp/2kp4/8/8/4B3/PPP1PPPP/RNKQ1BNR SPG-7.5 (C+ Popeye, 8sec)


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