[Retros] Another improvement (7 gxh8N#)

Noam Elkies elkies at math.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 14 11:00:13 EST 2006

Andrew writes:

> Thanks for offering me a part of the nice gxhN in 6.5. I am honoured,

> but I think the mechanism (dropping the rook onto a protected square)

> is quite generic.

OK, I haven't been following this thread carefully enough to know
whether Nicolas had the a specific predecessor or just the ``generic
mechanism'' in mind...

> However... ummm... this is a bit embarrassing: I think I published a

> different gxhN in 6.5 here already on Tuesday 12th! :-) Hiro's latest

> summary was on Monday 11th. (See item 3 in the copied mail further

> down.) What do you want to do?

...nor, evidently, to notice this result either. (That would be
embarrassing to Nicolas and me, not to Andrew.) That's independent
of the authorship issue, and there's no choice about what to do:
both proof games are OK, and whichever of the 6.5 movers has
the earlier time stamp is the one that set the record.


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