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andrew buchanan andrew at anselan.com
Thu Dec 14 07:40:49 EST 2006


There are two files here: one is the MS Excel Spreadsheet. The second
is a csv (comma separated values) text file.

(1) The spreadsheet has 2 pages. One has the single mates (what we have
been working on). The second contain the double mates (God help us) and
for now is just a dump of Hiro's summary in this area. The csv file
does not contain the double mates.

(2) The fields are:
Promoted piece
File & direction,
Num of Half-Moves,

(3) The fields are self-explanatory except for the Status field.
This has four possible values:
blank - vanilla: these are the good ones
"s" - there is another PG of the same length which was published first.
"m" - there is another PG which is exactly 0.5 moves faster.
"x" - there is another PG which is x.5 moves faster (x>1)

In the spreadsheet, the s,m & x rows are coloured orange, yellow and
grey respectively.

(4) My own preference would be to just drop all m & x PGs, retaining
the s ones for reference only. This task is too broad already. But I
know Hiro feels differently, so I have tracked the details for him
(except for the 2 x cases, which are both really slow, and could surely
be bettered if anyone cared).

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