[Retros] Another improvement (7 gxh8N#)

andrew buchanan andrew at anselan.com
Thu Dec 14 05:51:01 EST 2006

Hi Nicolas & Noam,

Thanks for offering me a part of the nice gxhN in 6.5. I am honoured,
but I think the mechanism (dropping the rook onto a protected square)
is quite generic.

However... ummm... this is a bit embarrassing: I think I published a
different gxhN in 6.5 here already on Tuesday 12th! :-) Hiro's latest
summary was on Monday 11th. (See item 3 in the copied mail further
down.) What do you want to do?

Separate to Hiro, I've been maintaining a spreadsheet of all the
results here, and I will distribute it (and a derived text file for
those who aren't into PCs, Noam :-) ) later today when I've updated it
for all the heroic recent results.


--- andrew buchanan <andrew at anselan.com> wrote:

> The latest batch...


> gxhB found:

> rnb1kbnr/pppp1pp1/4p2P/8/7q/4PK2/PPPPBP2/RNBQ2Nb

> PG in 7.0


> h1B improved from 19 to 16 moves:

> rn2kbnr/ppp1pp1p/3q4/3p4/8/4RKPb/PPPPPP2/RNBQ2Nb

> PG in 8.0


> gxh1N improved from 17 to 13 moves

> rnb1qbnN/pppppk2/5p2/8/6Q1/4P2p/PPPP1PP1/RNB1KBNR

> PG in 6.5


> bxa1N trimmed from 15 to 14 moves

> rnb1kbnr/pp1ppppp/8/3P4/3q4/QK6/P1P1PPPP/nNB2BNR

> PG in 7.0

> suggest joint credit with Hiro for this one


> cheers,

> andrew.

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