[Retros] Another improvement (7 gxh8N#)

Noam Elkies elkies at math.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 14 00:11:34 EST 2006

Nicolas Dupont <Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr> writes:

>> 1.h4 e6 2.h5 Ba3 3.h6 Bxb2 4.hxg7 Bxc1 5.Qxc1 Ke7 6.Kd1

>> Kf6 7.Qb2 Kg6 8.Qe5 Qe7 9.gxh8N# (Hirokaz Onoda)

> 1.Ph2-h4 Pf7-f5 2.Ph4-h5 Re8-f7 3.Ph5-h6 Dd8-e8 4.Ph6xg7 Ph7-h5

> 5.Th1-h3 Ph5-h4 6.Th3-g3 Ph4-h3 7.Tg3-g6 Ph3-h2 8.Pg7xh8=C

> I think that Andrew will appreciate it, as based on one of its ideas

> (although performed on a different way).

This can be done in 6.5 rather than 7.5, e.g.

1 h4 d6 2 h5 Bf5 3 h6 Be4 4 hxg7 f5 5 Rh6 Kf7 6 Rg6 Qe8 7 gxh8=N#

(C+ Popeye, 20 milliseconds); likewise in 7.0 with Black checkmating:

1 d3 h5 2 Bf4 h4 3 Be5 h3 4 f4 hxg2 5 h3 Rxh3 6 Kf2 Rg3 7 Qe1 gxh1=S#

(C+ Popeye, 140 milliseconds).


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