[Retros] Pawn to-the-6th-rank mates, plus one

Hirokaz ONODA glkoon at yahoo.co.jp
Wed Dec 13 00:04:44 EST 2006


"Hirokaz Onoda & Ulrich Ring"
1.Pd2-d3 Pa7-a5 2.Fc1-f4 Pa5-a4 3.Ff4-d6 Pe7xd6
4.Re1-d2 Dd8-g5 5.Rd2-c3 Dg5-c1 6.Rc3-b4 Dc1xc2
7.Rb4-a3 Pd6-d5 8.Pb2-b4 Pa4xb3ep

and a humble one
1.Pd2-d3 Pe7-e6 2.Dd1-d2 Re8-e7 3.Dd2-c3 Re7-d6
4.Fc1-f4 Rd6-d5 5.Pe2-e4


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