[Retros] Kostas Prentos 40 JT - Award

Kostas Prentos prentos at the.forthnet.gr
Tue Dec 12 16:55:34 EST 2006


Here is a short version of K.Prentos 40 JT.award. You can find the detailed award,
together with those of Moutecidis 75 JT and Fougiaxis 40 JT in Vaclav Kotesovec's
The booklet containing the three awards will be posted to all the participants of
these tourneys within the week.

Best regards,

1st Prize: Michel Caillaud (France)


SPG 19.5 (12+12) C+

1.b4 h5 2.b5 h4 3.b6 Th5 4.bxa7 Sh6 5.axb8=T Taa5 6.d4 Tag5 7.d5 f5 8.d6 Sf7 9.dxe7
10.c4 Kd7 11.e8=T Df6 12.c5 Lxc5 13.a4 Lb6 14.a5 c5 15.a6 Kc7 16.a7 Ld7 17.a8=L Lxe8
18.Ta7 Kxb8 19.Txb7+ Kxa8 20.Tb8+

2nd Prize: Michel Caillaud & Pascal Wassong (France)


SPG 18.5 (14+13) C+

1.g3 Sc6 2.Lh3 Sd4 3.Lf5 Sxe2 4.Kxe2 a5 5.Kf3 Ta6 6.Kg4 Tc6 7.Df3 Tc3 8.dxc3 a4 9.Sd2
10.Sb3 axb2 11.a4 b1=T 12.La3 Tb2 13.Te1 Tb1 14.Te5 Td1 15.Se2 Td6 16.Td1 Th6 17.Td6
18.Th6 Th5 19.Txh5

Special Prize: Reto Aschwanden (Switzerland) (after Eric Pichouron)


SPG 19.5 (14+11) C+

1.Sa3 e5 2.Sc4 La3 3.bxa3 g5 4.Lb2 g4 5.Lc3 g3 6.Lb4 gxh2 7.c3 hxg1=L 8.Th3 h5 9.Td3
10.g3 h3 11.Lg2 h2 12.Ld5 h1=L 13.f3 Lc5 14.Se3 Lf8 15.Kf2 d6 16.Dxh1 Lh3 17.Kg1 Lg2
18.Dxh8 Lh1 19.Kxh1 Sh6 20.Dxf8+

Special Prize: Nicolas Dupont (France)


SPG 19.0 (13+14) C+

1.g4 d5 2.g5 d4 3.g6 d3 4.gxh7 g5 5.a4 Lg7 6.a5 Ld4 7.a6 Sf6 8.axb7 a5 9.b4 La7
10.b5 c5 11.b6 Sc6 12.b8=S Tg8 13.Sd7 Dxd7 14.b7 Df5 15.b8=L Le6 16.Ld6 0-0-0 17.h8=D
18.Db2 Txd6 19.Db8+ Kxb8

1st Honourable Mention: Roberto Osorio & Jorge J. Lois (Argentina)


SPG 17.0 (13+13) C+

1.a4 Sa6 2.a5 Sc5 3.a6 c6 4.axb7 Da5 5.b8=L La6 6.Lg3 0-0-0 7.f4 Kb8 8.Kf2 Tc8 9.f5+
10.f6 Lb5 11.fxe7 a6 12.e8=L Ld6 13.Lxf7 Se7 14.La2 Dxa2 15.Kf3 Tf8+ 16.Kg4 Txf1
17.Lf2 Txf2

2nd Honourable Mention: Reto Aschwanden (Switzerland)


SPG 15.5 (15+13) C+

1.Sa3 Sf6 2.Sc4 Sd5 3.a3 Sb4 4.axb4 h5 5.Ta6 Th6 6.Tc6 Tf6 7.Sb6 Tf3 8.exf3 h4 9.La6
10.d3 hxg2 11.Sh3 g1=S 12.Ld2 Se2 13.Tg1 Sf4 14.De2 Sg2+ 15.Kd1 Se1 16.Lxe1

3rd Honourable Mention: Michel Caillaud (France)


SPG 9.0 2 solutions (14+14) C+

i) 1.f4 b5 2.f5 Lb7 3.f6 Ld5 4.fxg7 f5 5.b3 Sf6 6.g8=D Lxb3 7.Dg3 Kf7 8.Dxc7 Ke6
9.Dc4+ Lxc4
ii) 1.b4 f5 2.b5 Kf7 3.b6 Ke6 4.bxc7 b5 5.f3 Lb7 6.c8=D Lxf3 7.Dc3 Ld5 8.Dxg7 Lc4
9.Df6+ Sxf6

4th Honourable Mention: Jorge J. Lois & Roberto Osorio (Argentina)


SPG 15.0 (13+11) C+

1.b4 f5 2.b5 f4 3.b6 f3 4.bxa7 fxg2 5.axb8=D Ta6 6.f4 Td6 7.f5 c6 8.f6 Db6 9.fxg7 De3
10.gxh8=S Lg7 11.Sf7 Ld4 12.Sd8 La7 13.Dxc8 b6 14.Db7! Kxd8 15.Dc7+ Kxc7

5th Honourable Mention: Roberto Osorio (Argentina)


SPG 17.0 (15+14) C+

1.f4 Sf6 2.f5 Se4 3.f6 Tg8 4.fxe7 f5 5.exd8=L Le7 6.a4 Kf8 7.Ta3 Lh4+ 8.Tg3 g5 9.Lf6
10.Ld4 Tb6 11.Lf2 d6 12.Tf3 Ld7 13.Lg3 Lb5 14.Tf2 Sc6 15.Le5 Td8 16.Lf6 Td7 17.Ld8

1st Commendation: Paul Raican (Romania)


SPG 12.0 2 variations (13+12) C+

1.g4 a5 2.g5 a4 3.g6 a3 4.gxh7 axb2:
i) 5.hxg8=S Th6 6.f4 Tha6 7.f5 b6 8.f6 Lb7 9.fxe7 Ld5 10.exf8=S Dg5 11.Se7 Kxe7
12.Se6 Kxe6
ii) 5.hxg8=D Th6 6.f4 Tha6 7.f5 b6 8.f6 Lb7 9.fxe7 Kxe7 10.Dxf8+ Ke6 11.Dc5 Dg5
12.Dd5+ Lxd5

2nd Commendation: Paul Raican (Romania)


SPG 15.5 (14+12) C+

1.a4 g5 2.Ta3 Lg7 3.Tf3 Lc3 4.dxc3 g4 5.Lh6 g3 6.Kd2 gxf2 7.Ke3 fxg1=L+ 8.Kf4 Ld4
9.e3 Lg7
10.Dxd7+ Kf8 11.Dh3 Ke8 12.Ld3 Lf8 13.Lxf8 h6 14.Lh7 Lf5 15.Sd2 Ld3 16.cxd3

3rd Commendation: Andrey Frolkin (Ukraine)


SPG 14.5 (10+9)

1.h4 b5 2.h5 b4 3.h6 b3 4.hxg7 bxa2 5.gxh8=T axb1=S 6.T8xh7 Sxd2 7.Txf7 Sxf1 8.Txe7+
Sxe7 9.b4 Sec6
10.b5 Lc5 11.b6 d6 12.b7 Dd7 13.bxc8=L Kd8 14.La6 Sxa6 15.Kxf1

4th Commendation: Enzo Minerva & Antonio Garofalo (Italy)


SPG 11.0 (14+12) C+

1.h4 Sf6 2.h5 Tg8 3.h6 Sh5 4.hxg7 h6 5.gxf8=L Tg6 6.a4 Tc6 7.a5 d6 8.a6 Kd7 9.axb7
10.bxc8=T De8 11.Td8 Kxd8

5th Commendation: Nikola Predrag (Croatia)


SPG 12.0 (14+14) C+

1.c4 a5 2.c5 a4 3.c6 a3 4.cxb7 Sc6 5.b8=S Sa5 6.Sa6 Txa6 7.f4 Th6 8.f5 e6 9.f6 Ld6
10.fxg7 Se7 11.g8=L f5 12.Lf7+ Kxf7

6th Commendation: Gianni Donati (U.S.A.)


SPG 12.5 (14+13) C+

1.b3 f5 2.Lb2 f4 3.Le5 f3 4.d4 fxe2 5.Kd2 e1=T 6.Ld3 Te3 7.Lxh7 g6 8.Df3 Lh6 9.Dd5
10.Sf3 Lxh2 11.Sxh2 Te4 12.f3 Te1 13.Txe1

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