[Retros] Pawn to-the-8th-rank mates

andrew buchanan andrew at anselan.com
Sun Dec 10 05:04:33 EST 2006

Hi Nicolas,

Nice matrix for a1N#. Surprisingly, it can be sharpened still further

"Andrew Buchanan & Nicolas Dupont"
SPG 7.0

And since Joost reminded us all of the concept of a *pin* my a1/8#R/Q
answers are also subject to improvement:

"Andrew Buchanan & Joost de Heer"
SPG 6.5

(& sim with wQa8)

(Order of names taken to be alphabetical - hope this is OK.)

Andrew Buchanan

--- Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr wrote:

> Dear Andrew and all,


> > Very

> > possible that faster versions still yet exist, especially the N

> one...


> > Nnb3n1/1pkpQp1r/p1p5/8/8/8/P1P1PPPP/RNB1KBNR

> > SPG 9.5


> You're right, as shown below :


> 1.Pc2-c3 Pb7-b5 2.Dd1-a4 Pb5-b4 3.Da4xa7 Pb4-b3

> 4.Da7-e3 Ta8-a5 5.Pa2-a4 Fc8-a6 6.Ta1-a2 Pb3xa2

> 7.Re1-d1 Fa6xe2 8.Rd1-c2 Pa2-a1=C


> The goal of my previous mails was only to indicate some solutions

> where

> Hiro's list was empty. Of course, the main point is now to find the

> shorter one in each category. I think that the above 8.0 is difficult

> to

> beat...


> Nicolas.

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