[Retros] Pawn to-the-8th-rank mates

Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr
Sat Dec 9 14:57:54 EST 2006

Vacancies on a1 (I didn't try to go as fast as possible).

> (1-1) promoted to Knight


> a1N# (vacant)

1.Pa2-a4 Pd7-d5 2.Pa4-a5 Pd5-d4 3.Pa5-a6 Dd8-d5
4.Pa6xb7 Pa7-a5 5.Ta1-a3 Pa5-a4 6.Ta3-f3 Pa4-a3
7.Pc2-c4 Pa3-a2 8.Pc4-c5 Ta8-a3 9.Pc5-c6 Ta3-e3
10.Pd2-d3 Cb8-a6 11.Re1-d2 Dd5-a5 12.Rd2-c2 Pa2-a1=C

> (1-2) promoted to Bishop


> a1B# (vacant)

1.Pa2-a4 Pe7-e6 2.Pa4-a5 Dd8-h4 3.Pa5-a6 Ff8-e7
4.Pa6xb7 Pa7-a5 5.Ta1-a3 Pa5-a4 6.Ta3-f3 Pa4-a3
7.Pb2-b4 Pa3-a2 8.Pb4-b5 Ta8-a3 9.Pb5-b6 Ta3-e3
10.Pd2-d3 Dh4-a4 11.Re1-d2 Fe7-h4 12.Rd2-c3 Cg8-f6
13.Fc1-d2 Pa2-a1=F

> (1-3) promoted to Rook


> a1R# (vacant)

1.Pa2-a4 Cg8-f6 2.Pa4-a5 Cf6-e4 3.Pa5-a6 Ce4xd2
4.Pa6xb7 Cd2xb1 5.Fc1-f4 Pa7-a5 6.Pe2-e3 Pa5-a4
7.Dd1-h5 Pa4-a3 8.Pg2-g4 Pa3-a2 9.Ff1-g2 Cb1-a3
10.O-O-O Ta8-a4 11.Td1-d2 Pa2-a1=T

> (1-4) promoted to Queen


> a1Q# (vacant)

Same game except 11... a1=D.

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