[Retros] Solutions Orbit October 2006

Ivan Denkovski idenkovs at on.net.mk
Wed Dec 6 12:11:37 EST 2006

Here are the solutions of the originals from Orbit 32 (October 2006).

1961. Roberto Osorio & Jorge Lois
1.Nc3 Nc6 2.Nd5 Rb8 3.Nxe7 Kxe7 4.a4 Kf6 5.a5 Kg6 6.a6 Qh4 7.axb7 Nf6
8.bxc8=N Rb3 9.h3 Bb4 10.Nd6 Re8 11.Nf5 Ree3 12.Ng3 Ne5 13.f4 Rf3 14.e4 Rf2
15.N1e2 Rbf3 16.Nc3 c6 17.d3 Rd2 18.Nb1 Rff2 19.Ne2 Kh5 20.Ng1+ Rfe2++#

1962. Michel Caillaud
1.e4 d5 2.Qh5 Bg4 3.e5 Bf3 4.gxf3 Kd7 5.Bh3+ f5 6.exf6ep+ e6 7.fxg7 Qg5
8.Bg4 Nf6 9.g8=Q Bg7 10.Qf8 a5 11.Qb4 axb4 12.Nh3 Ra3 13.OO Re3 14.a3 b3
15.Ra2 bxa2 16.b3 Nc6 17.Bb2 Ra8 18.Be5 Nd4 19.Nc3 Kc6 20.Rb1 Ne2+ 21.Kf1 d4

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