[Retros] Solutions Orbit July 2006

Ivan Denkovski idenkovs at on.net.mk
Sun Aug 20 04:37:25 EDT 2006

Here are the solutions of the originals from Orbit 31 (July 2006).

1887. Itamar Faybish
1.e4 e5 2.Ba6 Ba3 3.bxa3 bxa6 4.Bb2 Bb7 5.Bd4 Bd5 6.exd5 exd4 7.d6 d3 8.dxc7
dxc2 9.c8=Q c1=B 10.Qc3 Bb2 11.Qxg7 Bxg7 12.g3 Bf8

1888. Paul Raican
a) 1.d3 g5 2.Qd2 g4 3.Qg5 g3 4.Kd2 gxf2 5.g4 e6 6.Bg2 Ne7 7.Qg8 f5 8.g5 f4
9.g6 f3 10.Ke3 f1=N+ 11.Kf4 Nd2 12.Kg5 Nb3 13.axb3 f2 14.Ra4 f1=Q 15.Rh4 Qe1
16.Bf4 Qb4 17.Nd2 Qa3 18.bxa3
b) 1.d3 g5 2.Kd2 g4 3.Ke3 g3 4.Kf4 gxf2 5.g4 f5 6.Bg2 f1=N 7.g5 Nd2 8.g6 Nb3
9.Kg5 f4 10.axb3 f3 11.Ra4 f2 12.Rh4 f1=N 13.Bf4 Ne3 14.Nd2 Nc4 15.Qa1 Na3
16.bxa3 e6+ 17.Qf6 Ne7 18.Qf7#

1889. Kostas Prentos & Andrey Frolkin
1.h4 e6 2.Rh3 Bb4 3.Rc3 Ne7 4.d3 Rg8 5.Bh6 g5 6.Qd2 Rg6 7.Rc5 Rf6 8.Qc3 Rf3
9.Nd2 Rh3 10.g3 a5 11.Bg2 a4 12.Bc6 a3 13.Ba4 Nec6 14.Qg7 d5 15.c3 Bd7
16.Nb3 Na5 17.Kd2 Bb5 18.Rf1 Nd7 19.Na1 Ba6 20.Rb5 Nc5

1890. Satoshi Hashimoto
1.Nf3 a5 2.Nd4 a4 3.Nb3 axb3 4.a4 f5 5.Ra2 bxa2 6.Rg1 axb1=N 7.Rh1 Nc3 8.Rg1
Nxd1 9.Rh1 Nc3 10.Rg1 Ne4 11.Rh1 Ng3 12.hxg3 f4 13.Rh6 f3 14.Rd6 cxd6 15.Kd1
Qa5 16.Ke1 Qh5 17.Kd1 Qh1 18.Ke1 h5 19.Kd1 h4 20.Ke1 Rh5 21.Kd1 Rb5 22.Ke1
g5 23.Kd1 Bg7 24.Ke1 Bc3 25.Kd1 Ba5 26.Ke1 Rb4 27.Kd1 b5 28.Ke1 Bb7 29.Kd1
Bd5 30.Ke1 Nc6 31.Kd1 OOO 32.Ke1 Kb7 33.Kd1 Rc8 34.Ke1 Nd8 35.Kd1 Rc3 36.Ke1
Ra3 37.Kd1 Ra1 38.Ke1 Ba2 39.Kd1 d5 40.Ke1 Qxf1+

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