[Retros] call for Messigny 2006

Kostas Prentos prentos at the.forthnet.gr
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MessageDear retro friends!

I know I made this error. I realised it right after I had pressed the "send" button, 2 weeks ago. Somehow this email took so long to be posted, but unfortunately it was not lost in post as I was hoping.
So, I guess now the problems are "burned"

My apologies to all, but especially to Thierry.

Best regards,
Kostas Prentos

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Hello Kostas

Could you send your originals directly to Thierry and not by the Retro mail, because now the problems can't be shown in Messigny


Olivier RONAT


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Dear Thierry,

Here are two PGs that can be used at the Messigny retro solving championship. I attach two files. The first file (Messigny Retro Solving-1.doc) has two diagrams without solutions, in case you want to solve the problems and decide about their difficulty. The second file (Messigny Retro Solving-2.doc) is the "formal" one, with solutions and addresses.

Please let me know, as soon as you have decided whether to use them for the Solving Ty. Alternatively, you are free to publish them in Phenix, or not publish them at all.

Important note: The PG in 17.5, tagged as (C+) was tested "manually" with natch. When you are finished with solving the problem, I can explain in detail the testing process that I followed.

I wish you a very successful event, as usually!

Best regards,

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