[Retros] Messigny 2005 : Analysis of awarded problems

Francois Labelle flab at EECS.Berkeley.EDU
Tue May 24 16:18:28 EDT 2005

To participate I had to write a program to analyze games for their
thematic content. Here is the analysis of all the awarded problems. So at
a glance you can see which piece intercepted which piece and how many

Each triplet is of the form: (number of different lines, piece A, piece B).

I'm counting two interceptions on the same line but in opposite directions
as different lines, so for example the 1st prize is scored as intercepting
on 4 different lines and not 2.

1st (4,bQd8,wRh1) (1,bPd7,wBf1) (1,wRh1,wQd1) (1,wNb1,bQd8) (1,wPc2,wQd1)
2nd (3,bNb8,bQd8) (2,bNg8,bQd8) (1,bPh7,bRh8)
3rd (2,wKe1,wQd1) (2,bKe8,bQd8) (1,wPf2,bQd8) (1,bBc8,bRa8) (1,wPe2,bRa8)
Spec. (3,bBf8,wRh1) (1,wPd2,wQd1) (1,bPd7,wQd1) (1,wRh1,wBf1)
1st HM (5,wQd1,bQd8) (1,bPe7,wQd1)
2nd HM (2,wPd2,wPa2) (1,bPf7,wQd1)
3rd HM (2,wQd1,bQd8) (1,bPe7,wQd1)
4th HM (2,wNg1,wQd1) (1,wPd2,bBf8) (1,bRh8,wQd1)
5th HM (2,wBf1,bRh8) (2,bNb8,wQd1) (1,bPd7,wQd1) (1,wPe2,bBf8) (1,wNb1,wBf1)
Comm. (3,wRa1,wQd1) (2,wPf2,bQd8) (1,bPd7,wQd1)
Comm. (2,bPg7,bQd8) (1,wBc1,bQd8) (1,wRa1,bQd8)
Comm. (2,bBc8,wQd1)
Comm. (3,wNg1,wQd1)

Of course, proof games shouldn't be evaluated based on this interception
data only (it doesn't say if a thematic piece is captured or returns home,
for example), but I thought that you'd find this summary interesting


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