[Retros] Solving in Messigny 2005 I : problems

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Mon May 16 15:43:43 EDT 2005


Here are the problems that were submitted in the Retro solving competition
(=French championship) in Messigny on the 14th of May.
All problems are originals for Phenix.
The solving time was 2 hours for the 8 problems (each problem scoring 5
points for a correct solution)

1) rnb1qrk1/pppp2bp/7n/5p2/8/8/PPPPPPP1/RNBQKBNR
SPG 7.0 (15+14)

2) rnbqkbn1/1pppppp1/8/8/5P2/8/pPPPPPP1/RNBQKBN1
SPG 10.0 (14+14)

3) rn4Qr/pppk1p1p/2p1pq1B/8/4P3/P2K4/P1PP1PPP/RN4NR
SPG 10.5 (15+12)

4) 2kq1b1r/1ppnnRpB/3ppQ2/5pNP/2P5/5P2/1P1PPP2/RNB1K2b
SPG 17.0 (15+13)

5) 8/8/KPR5/3R4/Q1B5/1K1R4/8/8
Color the pieces (8+0)

6) r3k2r/b1pppnp1/1p6/3p1N1n/3KN3/1P1P1PP1/1PP3PP/8
h#2? (11+12)
(How many solutions?)

7) rNKBBn2/3rbP1n/Pk1PppP1/pppp2p1/6P1/8/7p/8
Last moves? (9+14)
Minimal number of times square e7 was occupied?

8) 8/7p/1p6/4p1p1/3P4/PPPrkPP1/RKnqbbRN/r1NQpnB1
Last moves? (13+13)
Single Box type 2
(Definition : A promotion is forbidden if 2 Queens, 3 Rooks, 3 Bishops or
3 Knights of the same side would appear. If no promotion is possible, the
Pawn moves and remains Pawn until a piece of its own side is captured : it
immediatly promotes to that piece. If several Pawns are "waiting to promote",
the capturing side decide which Pawn promotes.)

For problems 7-8, solvers are asked to indicate sequence of last moves, as
long as they are unique

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