[Retros] Summer 2005 proof game tournament.

Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr Nicolas.Dupont at math.univ-lille1.fr
Mon Jun 20 14:50:41 EDT 2005

Dear retro friends,

I'm glad to announce, 2 years after the first one, my second informal pg

The constraint is to show a game presenting both a "visible" and an
"invisible" theme. No fairy condition is allowed.

You have to send your entries to christian.poisson at free.fr before
September 21, with the mention "summer tournament" and also if it is C+ or

Christian will return me anonymously each problem, and my jugement will
appear in the "retro mailing list" at the end of the year.

Thematic exemple 1. Rustam Ubaidullaev, Problemesis 2002


pg in 7,5 C+

Solution :
1.é3 b6 2.Df3 Fa6 3.D×a8 Fb7 4.g3 F×h1 5.Dé4 F×é4 6.ç3 F×b1 7.Fd3 F×d3 8.a3

The nice final white structure is the visible part, and the tempo Ba6-Bb7
the invisible one.

Thematic exemple 2. Eric Pichouron and Nicolas Dupont, Problemesis 2003


pg in 19. C+.

Solution :
1.b4 a5 2.b5 Ca6 3.b×a6 b5 4.é4 Fb7 5.é5 F×g2 6.Fb2 Fh3 7.Fg2 ç5 8.Fb7 d5
9.Fç3 Dd6 10.é×d6 é5 11.d7 Ré7 12.d8=T Rf6 13.Tb8 Fç8 14.Ch3 Rf5 15.Tg1
Ré4 16.Tg6 f5 17.Tf6 g5 18.Dh5 Fg7 19.Df7 h5

The visible part is here that lign 7 translates to lign 5. The invisible
one is twice : translation goes into alphabetic order, and Bc8 makes a
rectangle circuit.

Have fun composing !

Best wishes.

Nicolas Dupont.

PS : I didn't try to make completely unambigous the terms "visible" and
"invisible". And my jugement will be much more based on my own feeling,
rather than "scientific". A apologize for that.

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