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Dear retro friends
There are the Phénix 120 solutions (found in Phénix 131, 07-08/2004)


4301. Jean-Marie CHOREIN

Black left the right to castle. Indeed, the Ra8 is a promoted one! The promotion and the Pe6 involve 6 captures on black squares; so, the BNg8 has been captured by the Pawn via f7 (check). For example, e4xf5, f5xg6 e.p., g6xf7+, f7xg8=R and ç4xBd5 and d5xRe6.
Solution: 1.a4!
A) 1..Rf8 2.axb5 Rf4 3. Ra2 ! ! (3. Ra4 ? Rb4 ! !) Rd4 4.Kxd4 h5 5.Rc2 hxg4 6.Rc8 mat.
B) 1..Rf8 2.axb5 Rf2 3. Ra4 ! ! (3. Ra2 ? Rb2 ! !) Rd2 4.Kxd2 h5 5.Rc4 hxg4 6.Rc8 mat.
C) 1..h5 2.axb5 hxg4 3.Ra2 ! ! (3.Ra4 ? Rh2 4.Rc4 Rd2 !) Rh2 4.Rg2 ! ! Rh4 5.Rç2 Rh2 6.Rc8 mat.

4302. Alexandr KISLJAK

Retro :
1.Na6-c5+ h2-h1=N 2.Bg2-f1 h3-h2 3.Be4-g2 h4-h3 4.Bh7-e4 h5-h4 5.Bg8-h7 h6-h5 6.g7-g8=B h7-h6 7.h6xNg7 Ne6-g7 8.h5-h6 Nc5-e6 9.h4-h5 Nd3-c5 10.h3-h4 Nc1-d3 11.Ka1-b1 Na2-c1+ 12.Kb1-a1 g6-g5 13.Ka1-b1 Nc1xBa2 14.Bb1-a2 Na2-c1+ 15.h2-h3 Rc1-c2 16.c2-c3 Rg1-c1 17.Rf3-b3
Phoenix theme (wB+bN)

4303. Andrew BUCHANAN

Solution :
a) Last move can't be a black one, because the position would be remiss with a bP on h3 and a white Piece on g2. The only possible move would be h3xXg2= (null)!
The last move is White one.
Rh1­-g1 isn't possible (despite of the last move h3xXg2), because the wK is in check and he must play on g1 or g2 giving pat!
The wK, coming from h1, just captured a black piece on g1. In this position, he could choose to capture on g1 or g2 (blacks can move the g1 piece)!
It's impossible to give back a bR or bQ because of the imaginary double checks.
Giving back a bB on g1 impose too many Pawn's captures to resolve the position!
We have to give back a bN!
After : f3xe2, e3xd2, d3xc2, c3xb2, b2xa3 et a2xb3.
The last move is: n.Kh1xNg1 !

b) Here, the count of Pawn's captures prevents to give back a black piece on g1!
The last move must be black's move. Pe4xXf3 is the only retro-move giving a position where blacks had choice. But the Pawn's structure doesn't correspond to the possible captures.
The position is illegal.

4304. Andrew BUCHANAN

a) Solution: 1.d3 Nh6 2.Bxh6 g6 3.Qc1 Bxh6 4.Kd1 Bd2 5.Qxd2 00 (C+)
b) Before 5. 00, proof game isn't unique.
Example: 1.d3 Nh6 2.Bxh6 g6 3.Bxf8 Kxf8 4.Qd2 Ke8 5.Kd1!!

*4305. Didier INNOCENTI

Author solution :
Add a wB on f8 :
1.g3 g6 2.Bg2=N g5 3.Nh4=P gxh4=N 4.Nf3=P Nxf3=B 5.Kf1 Bxh1=R+ 6.Kg2 Rxd1=Q 7.a3 Qxc1 8.Ra2=B Qxb1 9.Be6=N Qa1=R 10.Nxf8=B Ra2=B 11.Kg1 Be6=N 12.Kh1 Ng7=P
cooked by Vlaicu Crisan :
Add a wN on g8 !
1.g3 f5 2.Bg2=N f4 3.Kf1 f3 4.a3 fxg2=N 5.e3 Nxe3=B 6.Ra2=B Bxd2=R 7.Kg2 Rxd1=Q 8.Bg5=N Nf6=P 9.Nd2=P fxg5=N 10.Ne2=P Qa1=R 11.Bg8=N Rxh1=Q+ 12.Kxh1 Nf7=P

*4306. Andrew BUCHANAN
Typo error. The diagram is a copy of n°4214 Phénix 117.
The problem is updated in Phénix 128.

4307. Joost DE HEER

Solution : 1.d4 Na6 2.Qd3 Nc5 3.Qg6 hxg6 4.d5 Rh3 5.d6 Rb3 6.axb3 Ne4 7.Ra6 Ng3 8.Rc6 dxc6 9.h4 Bf5 10.h5 e6 11.d7+ Ke7 12.h6 Kf6 13.h7 Bc5 14.h8=R Qe7 15.R8h4 Nh6 16.Ra4 Rh8 17.d8=Q Ng8 18.Qd1 Qd8 19.Ra1 (C+)

2 Pronkin pieces (wR, wQ), 2 switchbacks (bQ, bNg8), 1 sibling Rook (bRa8àh8)
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