[Retros] About T.Orban problem; Yefim's letter 01/12/2005

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As you point out, the reflected version of the problem also works, but I
hope you are not suggesting that it is therefore the preferable form. To my
aesthetic sense, the original is by far the better, for the very reason that
it is the royal sovereign that stoops to make room for the foreign invader.
That also makes the solution psychologically harder to get.

Just my opinion.


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> Happy new year everybody !


> It should be noticed that the following "mirror problem" shows the same

> paradox without any question about the right of castling.



> tcfdrfct/ppp3pp/3p1p2/8/3P4/8/PPP1PPPP/TC1DRFCT


> a) spg in 3 moves, 4 solutions


> b) (exact) pg in 4 moves


> cheers,


> Nicolas.

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