[Retros] About T.Orban problem; Yefim's letter 01/12/2005

Joost de Heer ildjarn666 at linuxmail.org
Tue Jan 11 09:17:11 EST 2005

> I have told Frederic Friedel about a little flaw of this problem.

> If the task is to find SPG after 4 moves then we come to One position (after

> 1.e4 e6 2.Bb5 Ke7 3.Bd7 c6 4.Be8 Ke8); where Black castles are lost.

> If the task is to find SPG after 3 moves then we come to Another position

> (after

> 1.e4 c6 2.Bb5 e6 3.Bc6 dc6) when Castles are save.

> So, we are talking about different positions!

But the same diagram position. Proofgame diagrams are published without information on ep status or castling status. This information is useless, as the goal isn't to reach the diagram preserving castling status, but to reach the diagram in the specified number of moves.

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