[Retros] Awards Orbit 2002-2003 and Orbit 2004

Ivan Denkovski idenkovs at on.net.mk
Tue Feb 15 13:18:02 EST 2005

Here are references to awarded problems in the first two Orbit informal
tourneys for retros. The problems and solutions can be found on the Retro

Orbit 2002-2003
judge: Hans Gruber
award published in Orbit 22 (April 2004)

1st Prize: 1187v. Gianni Donati
2nd Prize: 837. Michel Caillaud
3rd Prize: 1185. Dmitrij Baibikov
1st Hon. Mention: 1188. Rustam Ubaidullaev
2nd Hon. Mention: 900. Kostas Prentos
3rd Hon. Mention: 702. Gligor Denkovski & Ivan Denkovski
1st Commendation: 972. Ivan Denkovski & Gligor Denkovski
2nd Commendation: 836. Ivan Denkovski
3rd Commendation: 1035. Ivan Denkovski

Orbit 2004
judge: Henrik Juel
award published in Orbit 25 (January 2005)

1st Prize: 1233. Rustam Ubaidullaev
2nd Prize: 1295. Andrey Frolkin & Kostas Prentos
1st Hon. Mention: 1296. Thomas Volet
2nd Hon. Mention: 1357. Dmitrij Baibikov
3rd Hon. Mention: 1294. Mario Parrinello
1st Commendation: 1438. Gligor Denkovski
2nd Commendation: 1440. Pail Raican


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