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Hi all,

Christoph's SPG is a valid one , just have a look at the given www-address to
see more ...

Why I am writing this ?
I'd like to stop people publishing Theme-Tourney SPG's at the retro-corner
before closing date of the tourney.
IMHO it's unfair to the tourney organisers to do so !


Christoph Fieberg wrote:



>> Dear retro friends,


>> I am invitinig you to participate in the Problem Online's first formal

>> tournament:


>> Construct Proof Game in which Knight makes polygon (virtually connect

>> centres of visited squares) of the greatest area. The polygon can be of any

>> shape. Thematic moves must be consecutive. During thematic play Knight

>> cannot cross its moving path. The polygon is closed when the thematic Knight

>> reaches the square at which it has already been. Promoted Knight can also be

>> thematic. The thematic side can play non-Knight moves (preparing position

>> for thematic play). Only one solution is allowed. Fairy pieces and

>> conditions are not allowed. Send your compositions to e-mail:

>> problem at problemonline.com. Closing date: 12th August 2005.


>> More details on www.problemonline.com


>> Ivan Bender



> Would this be a valid example of the requested Knight polygon (with

> consecutive moves, no path crossing and back to the starting square)?


> SPG in 7.5 moves - Christoph Fieberg - 13.02.05 - C+

> r1bqkbnr/ppp1p1pp/8/8/8/8/PPPP1PbP/RNB1KBNR


> Path of the Knight is: g1-f3-e5-d7-b8-c6-d4-e2-g1.


> Regards,

> Christoph


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