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Anders&Margareta uddgren at xpress.se
Sun Feb 13 15:44:52 EST 2005

I have prepared an index file of SPG (to be downloaded at http://janko.at/Retros/AndersUddgren.zip).
which may be of use to some of the members. The index contains some 1600-1700 SPGs and lists the
first 8 single moves with reference to author(s) and source, and number of single moves.
Hopefully there are not too many errors. Any comments are welcome!

The index was made mostly from sources like PDB and Retro Corner and is my small contribution to that magnificant effort!

The file format is MSWord2003. Language is Swedish, which should not present any problems, except with the å, ä and ö.

One interesting point - perhaps obvious to the masters, but not to me - is that almost every one of the
intial 8-move patterns is unique for just 1 SPG, sometimes 2 SPGs. Only very few initial move patterns
(like1.a4 h5 2.a5 h4 3.a6 h3 4.axb7 hxg2) have been used several times.

Yours, Anders Uddgren, Uppsala - Sweden
uddgren at xpress.se
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