Ivan Bender ivan at manor.hr
Sun Feb 13 04:24:15 EST 2005

Dear retro friends,

I am invitinig you to participate in the Problem Online's first formal tournament:

Construct Proof Game in which Knight makes polygon (virtually connect centres of visited squares) of the greatest area. The polygon can be of any shape. Thematic moves must be consecutive. During thematic play Knight cannot cross its moving path. The polygon is closed when the thematic Knight reaches the square at which it has already been. Promoted Knight can also be thematic. The thematic side can play non-Knight moves (preparing position for thematic play). Only one solution is allowed. Fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed. Send your compositions to e-mail: problem at problemonline.com. Closing date: 12th August 2005.

More details on www.problemonline.com

Ivan Bender
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