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Fri Feb 11 04:32:19 EST 2005

You need at least 7 moves (3 to clear castling row, then castling, then 3 to
go back), and it's almost certain you need another move. So it seems that
7.5 is the theoretical minimum, and this can be reached:

SPG 7.5 (C+)

Of course, admitting promoted piece on the board makes it easier.
This can be considered as a version of :
Tibor Szabo feenschach 1984
SPG 10.0 14+15 C+
with same 6.5 first moves, and where composer added moves to make the
promotee disappear (Ceriani-Frolkin)

This mechanism was also used to show the only doubling so far of the idea :
Andrei Frolkin 2nd Prize Die Schwalbe 1990
SPG 19.0 14+15 C+

I have found a shorter version of Francois’ excellent composition:
SPG 8.0 (16+12) C+
wPc5 forces the order of the Black kingside moves, and also luckily blocks
pernicious cooks whereby bK wanders to d6 & back.
Well seen, Andrew!
New record for "without promotee" presentation


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