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The 2nd International Solving Contest (ISC), that will be held on 22nd of
January, is the occasion of some problem animation in France.
This year a quick composing tourney is held by Eric Pichouron.
It is opened to any kind of composition including retros

The theme is the following :
Echo manoeuvers in a single line of play (phase)
(there can be several phases; if so, each one must include some manoeuvers
with echo)

Michel Caillaud (scheme)
h#2 (6+3) C+
1.Bd2 Kd6 2.Rg2 Kd5# (with diagonal-orthogonal echo manoeuvers)

Eric Pichouron Problemesis 2004

PG 14,5 (13+15) C+
1.a4 h5 2.Ra3 h4 3.Rg3 hxg3 4.a5 gxh2 5.g3 hxg1=N 6.Bg2 Nh3 7.Rf1 Ng1 8.a6
Rh1 9.axb7 Na6 10.b8=N Bb7 11.Bh3 Bg2 12.Nc6 Rb8 13.f3 Rb7 14.Rf2 Bf1 15.Nb8
Here the echo is between the switchbacks of promoted Knights (Donati theme)

Only one non computer tested entry is allowed per composer (no limitation on
C+ entries)Problems are to be sent to Nicolas Dupont
(_dupont at agat.univ-lille1.fr_ (mailto:dupont at agat.univ-lille1.fr) ) ONLY from 8th to 18th of January
Results will be announced by the judge Eric Pichouron during the ISC, on
22nd of January

Best wishes for the Coming New Year!


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