[Retros] First example of 'reverse mate' theme

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Thu Oct 14 00:07:39 EDT 2004

I found a letter I sent in 1979 to the great composer James G.
Mauldon, in which I sent him several compositions including three e.p. minimals:

4r1nq/1p3K1k/3q1n1b/4r1pP/5pbp/6pp/7p/8 (qq) Mate in 1.
4r1nr/p4K1k/5n1b/4q1pP/1b3pbp/6pp/7p/8 (bbb) Mate in 1.
5nr/5K1k/2bq1n1b/3prPp1/5ppp/6np/7p/8 (nnn) Mate in 1.

I hope I have typed them correctly. I think each one had the qualities that
(i) it must be White's move as White could not have moved last, (ii) the e.p.
capture is demonstrably available to White as Black's last move must have been
the two-square advance, and (ii) White's only move is PXP e.p. checkmate.

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