[Retros] Question about correct stipulation

Joost de Heer ildjarn666 at linuxmail.org
Wed Oct 13 10:46:55 EDT 2004

> Here is Nikola Predrag's retro problem with twins which will be publish as original on the site www.problemonline.com


> 4r3/1Q5R/1b1P4/4ppR1/8/2p5/2K4P/7k (6+6)

> -1& #1 Last 2 halfmoves? ....... is this correct?

> a) diagram b) Ph2→h5 c) Qb7→a8 d) -Pe5


> We are not sure how te write the stipulation. The solver has to choose how to takeback white halfmove and black halfmove and then white has mate in one.

I prefer 'Retract <n> halfmoves for a #x'.

There's something wrong with this composition: since white has to move after the retractions, black just made the last move. This is impossible, because he's in check. Or does who has the move change after the retractions? (white retracts, black retracts, and then white mates)

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