[Retros] Question about correct stipulation

Ivan Bender ivan at manor.hr
Wed Oct 13 08:02:00 EDT 2004

Dear retro friends,

Here is Nikola Predrag's retro problem with twins which will be publish as original on the site www.problemonline.com

4r3/1Q5R/1b1P4/4ppR1/8/2p5/2K4P/7k (6+6)
-1& #1 Last 2 halfmoves? ....... is this correct?
a) diagram b) Ph2→h5 c) Qb7→a8 d) -Pe5

We are not sure how te write the stipulation. The solver has to choose how to takeback white halfmove and black halfmove and then white has mate in one.

The solution is easy, so it is not showed this time.

Could you, please, recommend the best stipulation text. Thank you.

Ivan Bender
Problem Online
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