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A possibility is to open the file properties and force the WIN 95 OR WIN 98
Programm running mode

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> >>>>> "DoctorSBD" == DoctorSBD <DoctorSBD at aol.com> writes:


> DoctorSBD> I am no computer expert, but not an idiot either. But

> DoctorSBD> for some reason, on several computers, I have never

> DoctorSBD> been able to get Natch and iNatch installed

> DoctorSBD> properly. The last time I tried, I received a message

> DoctorSBD> that it was not a Dos/Windows program (Natch and I am

> DoctorSBD> sure I downloaded the correct one), although I could

> DoctorSBD> get iNatch running. Can anyone help? I would like to

> DoctorSBD> try composing proof games, but without software to

> DoctorSBD> verify, it is difficult.


>This is not the first time that people tell me about this problem.

>But I have no solution. When I wrote iNatch, it was on Win95, where

>it worked fine. It also seems to work on Win98. On more recent

>systems (Win2000, WinXP), those problem arise.


>If somebody could explain me the origin of the problem or point me to

>a solution, I would be glad to correct the code.



> DoctorSBD> If anyone has a solution that would not involve dozens

> DoctorSBD> of steps (like a zipped set of files that could be

> DoctorSBD> simply unzipped, and run), I would be really

> DoctorSBD> appreciative.


>The workaround I use, is to run Natch in a console window on the file

>saved by iNatch.







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