[Retros] phénix 98 solutions

Thierry LE GLEUHER thierry.le_gleuher at club-internet.fr
Sun Oct 3 06:27:34 EDT 2004

Dear retro friends
There are the Phénix 98 solutions (found in Phénix 109, 07-08/2002)
Best regards


1.f4 c5 2.f5 c4 3.f6 c3 4.fxe7 cxb2 5.exf8=N bxc1=N 6.Nxh7 Nxe2 7.Ng5 Rh3 8.N5xh3 Nxg1 9.Nxg1 (C+)

Author's solutions
1.f4 b5 2.f5 b4 3.f6 b3 4.fxe7 bxa2 5.exf8=N axb1=R 6.Rxa7 Rxc1 7.Rxc7 Qxc7 8.Nxd7 Qb6 9.Nxb6 Rca1 10.Nxa8 Rxa8
1.f4 b5 2.f5 b4 3.f6 b3 4.fxe7 bxa2 5.exf8=R+ Ke7 6.Rxd8 axb1=R 7.Rxd7+ Ke8 8.Rxc7 Rxc1 9.Rcxa7 Rxa1 10.Rxa8 Rxa8
but cooked by N. PRIPOAE
1.f4 é5 2.a3 Fxa3 3.Txa3 Dé7 4.fxé5 Dxé5 5.Txa7 Da5 6.Txb7 Da1 7.Txç7 Dxb1 8.Txd7 Dxç1 9.Dxç1 C(F,R)xd7 10.Dd1 Cb8(Fç8,Ré8)

1.c4 Na6 2.Qc2 Nc5 3.Qg6 Na4 4.c5 hxg6 5.c6 Rh3 6.cxb7 Ra3 7.b8=Q Ba6 8.Qb3 Qb8 9.Qd1 Qb3 10.h4 Qh3 11.g4 Rg3 12.e3 Bxf1 13.Qe2 OOO 14.Kd1 Kb7 15.Qe1 Ka6 (C+)

3755. Michel CAILLAUD
1.b4 g5 2.b5 g4 3.b6 g3 4.bxc7 b5 5.c4 Bb7 6.Nc3 Bf3 7.gxf3 b4 8.Bh3 b3 9.Bf5 b2 10.Bc2 b1=N 11.d3 Nd2 12.Nh3 Nf1 13.Qd2 g2 14.Qh6 g1=Q 15.Bd2 Qg5 16.Rc1 Ne3 17.Bb1 Ng4 18.OO Qf4 19.Rfd1 Ne3 20.Be1 Nf1 21.Kxf1 Qd2 22.Rxd2

The stipulation permit to capture e.p. if the white castle is played during the solution.
Solution : 1.a4xb3 e.p. + c3 2.Na4 0-0-0# (Rd1?? illegal).

a) 1.c5xb6 e.p. + c6 2.Bxc6#
b) 1.0-0-0 (excluding Rh1+) Black play and 2.Qd8#

3758. Kevin BEGLEY
It's possible in Circe parrain to capture 2 pieces during a same move when an e.p. capture occur!
Solution: add 1 wBg3 and 1 bBg1.

>From the intermediate position:

8/8/5Pk1/8/5K1p/7P/5BPp/6N1 (6+3)
0... h2xNg1B 1.g2-g4[Ng3] h4x(Ng3 and g4 e.p.)!!! 2.Bf2xg3[Ph5,Nh4]+

3759. Thierry LE GLEUHER
The last move is 0-0 and White make 0-0 too. wPe5 comes from h2 capturing the bQ, bB and bPe. Indeed the bPa can't promote because of the number of bP's captures (4 more). There would be (with the bN) 8 captures for 7 white free pieces. The wK can pass only when the wPh2 is on e5 ! The promoted bN impose 4 captures on white squares among: bQ, bB, bN, bPc and bPe knowing that the bP on g6 can come from g2 with g2-g4xPh5xRg6. The Ng1 has been captured (at home) by the bQ (the bB can't pass). The bPc, who can't make 2 captures (only the wB is free on black squares), played c7-c5, but after the wK move through a5! We can see that b2-b4 has been played after the wK move on a5. So, after that, the wBc1 can escape, but must be captured by a7xBb6+ Ka5xb6. If the wK capture the bPa on a5 after Kb4, a5+, Kxa5, the bPa move occurred not to soon and the wBf1 has been captured at home.
Now, we assume that Blacks have only Pawns' moves when the wK is free to come to a5. 7 tempi are necessary to wait: f7-f5xe4xBd3xc2xNb1N, h7-h5 and g7-g5 while Whites are playing g3xQ(B)f4xe5, Kg3-f4-e3-d4-c3(c5)-b4. Blacks have to play rapidly their bPa to escape to the pat, and the wK must capture the bPa (notice that the wBc1 can't reach b6 with Pawns on b4, c5, e5 and g5). The bPf, g and h must begin the sequence from the 7th row and Whites must keep their Q to capture the bBc8 later. After, the wQ captured the bNg8 (the way was closed at the beginning with bP's). Only the wK can provide a shield on f8 to escape to the mat with QxNg8# (the wB has been captured sooner at home by the bQ on pain of do not vanish). But the wK can't live f8 (Ke7+ ? ), and the wQ can't live too because of the black Rook check! The only way consist in capturing the wQ on g8 with the bRa8.

The wQ has been captured on g8 by the bRa8!

Example of proof game : 1.g4 e5 2.e4 Qh4 3.Qe2 Qg3 4.Qd3 Qxg1 5.Qd5 Qg3 6.Bg2 Be7 7.OO Qe3 8.Bf3 Qe1 9.Be2 Qxc1 10.Bd3 Qe1 11.Qb5 Qe3 12.Qd5 Qg3+ 13.hxg3 Bg5 14.Kh2 Bf4 15.gxf4 f5 16.fxe5 fxe4 17.Kg3 exd3 18.Kf4 dxc2 19.Ke3 cxb1=N 20.Kd4 g5 21.Kc3 h5+ 22.Kb4 a5+ 23.Kxa5 c5+ 24.Kb6 Ra6+ 25.Kc7 Rg6 26.Kd8+ Re6+ 27.Qc6+ Rg6+ 28.Qxc8+ Re6+ 29.Qc6+ Rg6+ 30.Qd5+ Re6+ 31.Kc7 Rc6+ 32.Kxb8 Rg6 33.Qxg8+ Rgxg8 34.Rh1 Rg6 35.Rh3 Rgg8 36.Rf3 Rg6 37.Rf7 Re6 38.b4 Rc6 39.gxh5 Rg6 40.hxg6 OO+

3760. Thierry LE GLEUHER
Blacks must escape to the retro-draw (3 identical positions) by moving Pawns. The mat will occur with a bP on b7 with: 1.c6xRd7#.
The bN must avoid b8 because of c7xb8Q(R)#.
Retro :
1.Rd2-d3 Nb6-a8 2.Rd3-d2 Na8-b6 3.Rd2-d3 Nb6-a8 4.Rd3-d2 Na4-b6 5.Rd2-d3 Nb2-a4 6.Rd3-d2 Na4-b2 7.Rd2-d3 Nb2-a4 8.Rd3-d2 Nc4-b2 9.Rd2-d3 Na5-c4 10.Rd3-d2 Nb3-a5 11.Rd2-d3 Na1-b3 12.Rd3-d2 Nb3-a1 13.Rd2-d3 Na5-b3 14.Rd3-d2 Nc4-a5 15.Rd2-d3 Na3-c4 16.Rd3-d2 Nb5-a3 17.Rd2-d3 Na7-b5 18.Rd3-d2 Nb5-a7 19.Rd2-d3 Na7-b5 20.Rd3-d2 b2-b1B
21.Rd2 Na7-b5 22.Rd3 Na7 23.Rd2 Nb5 24.Rd3 Na3 25.Rd2 Nb1 26.Rd3 Na3 27.Rd2 Nc4 28.Rd3 Na5 29.Rd2 Nb3 30.Rd3 Na1 31.Rd2 Nb3 32.Rd3 Na5 33.Rd2 Nc4 34.Rd3 Nb6 35.Rd2 Na8 36.Rd3 Nb6 37.Rd2 Nb6-a8 38.Rd3-d2 b3-b2
39.~ Na8-b6 40.~ Na8 41.~ Nb6 42.~ Na4 43.~ Nb2 44.~ Na4 45.~ Nb2 46.~ Nc4 47.~ Na5 48.~ Nc4 49.~ Na3 50.~ Nb1 51.~ Na3 52.~ Nb5 53.~ Na7 54.~ Nb5 55.~ Nb5-a7 56.Rd3-d2 b4-b3
57.~ Na7-b5 58.~ Na7 59.~ Nb5 60.~ Na3 61.~ Nb1 62.~ Na3 63.~ Nc4 64.~ Na5 65.~ Nb3 66.~ Na1 67.~ Nb3 68.~ Na5 69.~ Nc4 70.~ Nb2 71.~ Na4 72.~ Nb2 73.~ Na4 74.~ Nb6 75.~ Na8 76.~ Nb6 77.~ Nb6-a8 78.Rd3-d2 g3-g2 because Blacks select the longer cycle to move the Pg (best defense).
79.~ Na8-b6 80.~ Na8 81.~ Nb6 82.~ Na4 83.~ Nb2 84.~ Na4 85.~ Nb2 86.~ Nc4 87.~ Na5 88.~ Nb3 89.~ Na1 90.~ Nb3 91.~ Na5 92.~ Nc4 93.~ Na3 94.~ Nb1 95.~ Na3 96.~ Nb5 97.~ Na7 98.~ Nb5 99.~ Nb5-a7 100.Rd3-d2 g4-g3
101.~ Na7-b5 102.~ Na7 103.~ Nb5 104.~ Na3 105.~ Nb1 106.~ Na3 107.~ Nc4 108.~ Na5 109.~ Nb3 110.~ Na1 111.~ Nb3 112.~ Na5 113.~ Nc4 114.~ Nb2 115.~ Na4 116.~ Nb2 117.~ Na4 118.~ Nb6 119.~ Na8 120.~ Nb6 121.~ Nb6-a8 122.Rd3-d2 g5-g4
123.~ Na8-b6 124.~ Na8 125.~ Nb6 126.~ Na4 127.~ Nb2 128.~ Na4 129.~ Nb2 130.~ Nc4 131.~ Na5 132.~ Nb3 133.~ Na1 134.~ Nb3 135.~ Na5 136.~ Nc4 137.~ Na3 138.~ Nb1 139.~ Na3 140.~ Nb5 141.~ Na7 142.~ Nb5 143.~ Nb5-a7 144.Rd3-d2 g6-g5
145.~ Na7-b5 146.~ Na7 147.~ Nb5 148.~ Na3 149.~ Nb1 150.~ Na3 151.~ Nc4 152.~ Na5 153.~ Nb3 154.~ Na1 155.~ Nb3 156.~ Na5 157.~ Nc4 158.~ Nb2 159.~ Na4 160.~ Nb2 161.~ Na4 162.~ Nb6 163.~ Na8 164.~ Nb6 165.~ Nb6-a8 166.Rd3-d2 b5-b4
167.~ Na8-b6 168.~ Na8 169.~ Nb6 170.~ Na4 171.~ Nb2 172.~ Na4 173.~ Nb2 174.~ Nc4 175.~ Na5 176.~ Nb3 177.~ Na1 178.~ Nb3 179.~ Na5 180.~ Nc4 181.~ Na3 182.~ Nb1 183.~ Na3 184.~ Na3-b1 185.Rd2-d3 b6-b5
186.~ Nb1-a3 187.~ Nb5 188.~ Na7 189.~ Nb5 190.~ Na3 191.~ Nc4 192.~ Na5 193.~ Nb3 194.~ Na1 195.~ Nb3 196.~ Na5 197.~ Nc4 198.~ Nb2 199.~ Na4 200.~ Nb2 201.~ Nb2-a4 202.Rd3-d2 b7-b6 203.Rd2-d3 and 1.cxd7#
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