[Retros] Messigny 2004 : Retro Composing Tourney; announcement

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Tue May 25 19:13:30 EDT 2004


For the first time the retro composing tourney in Messigny is open to
internet participation.

For the occasion, Laurent Riguet has created an address where problems should
arrive before Sunday evening (8 pm in Messigny) :
messigny2004 at yahoo.fr

Here is the theme :
ProofGame :
A promotion occurs on square A. Another promotion to piece of same kind and
same colour occurs on square B different from A. Then piece promoted on B
occupies A.
No constraint on order of promotions.
Fairy ProofGames allowed.

Example :
Andreï Frolkin, 3rd HM, feenschach 1997-98
SPG 20.0 C+
1.h4 Nc6 2.h5 Ne5 3.h6 Ng4 4.hxg7 h5 5.c4 h4 6.c5 h3 7.c6 h2 8.cxb7 Rh3
9.b8=R N8h6 10.g8=R Bb7 11.Rg6 Bf3 12.exf3 Bg7 13.Bd3 Kf8 14.Qe2 Kg8 15.Qf1 Kh7
16.Ne2 Qh8 17.Rg8 Rb8 18.Rg1 Rb4 19.Rb6+ Re4 20.Rbb8 h1=B
Here theme is doubled due to exchange of place but that is of course not

Note :
Theme is clearly related to Anti-Pronkin (though piece promoted on A don't
need to be captured).
I found about 10 existing examples in the bases; no fairy profgames among
them and in most of them, the theme is secondary and not the main part of the
problem (first example is a double Pronkin by Gerd Wilts, Shortest Proof Games
1991) except in Andreï's example and the later 12045, Die Schwalbe 2003 by Reto

Best wishes,
Michel Caillaud
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