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Thierry LE GLEUHER thierry.le_gleuher at club-internet.fr
Sat May 8 14:19:26 EDT 2004

Hi, everybody
I think that the problem n°47 "A new complication" in The Chess Mysteries of the Arabian Knights, by Raymond Smullyan (1981)
is cooked
The stipulations are
(1) The game commenced with a queen's pawn opening:
White's first move was with the pawn on d4 from d2; black countered with a pawn from d7 to d5.
(2) The Black royalty (K+Q) have not yet moved and white can castle.
(3) The squares d7 and e2 have never been reoccupied nor traversed.
Which of the White queens is Amelia? ( = Which of the White queens is the original one and which is the promoted one?)

The demonstration of the book pove that the Queen on g8 is the promoted one!
But, in dispite of the assertion (1), we can try to promote the original pawn d2 (after d2-d4 first move) and replace it on d4 with the original pawn e2 (after a capture).
Therefore it's possible to reach the position with a promoted queen on b8.
1.d4 d5 2.Nh3 e6 3.Nf4 Bc5 4.dxc5 b6 5.c6 Ba6 6.Na3 Bd3 7.Bd2 Bf5 8.Rg1 Bh3 9.gxh3 Na6 10.Rg6 hxg6 11.Bb4 Nxb4 12.Bg2 Rh4 13.Nh5 Rb8 14.Be4 Rb7 15.Bf5 Nf6 16.e3 Nh7 17.Ng3 Nf8 18.cxb7 Rc4 19.Qd4 Nc6 20.Qh4 Nd4 21.Qh8 Nxf5 22.b8=Q Rd4 23.Qg8 a6 24.exd4
A correction could occur by precising that the pawn on d4 is the original pawn d2.
Who agrees with me?
Is this cook well-known?

Best Regards


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