[Retros] Wikipedia

Eric Angelini keynews.tv at skynet.be
Tue May 4 08:17:54 EDT 2004


I've just seen there...


...this sentence :

« "SPG" here is short for "shortest proof game" and the "9.0" indicates
how many moves must be played to reach the position; 9.0 means the position
is reached after black's ninth move, 7.5 would mean the position is reached
after seven and a half moves (that is, after white's seventh move) and so
on. »

I'm confused about this 7.5 definition ; shouldn't one read instead : «
(that is, after white's eighth move) and so on. »

(unable to remember how this ?!#§% < .5 > rule works : does someone have a
mnemonic for me?)

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