[Retros] Steno-Chess notation

Eric Angelini keynews.tv at skynet.be
Tue Mar 9 09:15:49 EST 2004

[Joost] :

> I sent this a few days ago, somehow the mail got lost....

[Eric] :

>> ... If I made no mistake (I have my doubts now !) there

>> should be only _one_ string for:

>> < 1. ...f6 >

[Joost] :

> 36+g, or ~6+g seem to work.

... yes indeed, as gf5x or ff5K or hfNx and ffNx...
Thanks and congratulations !


Replying to François Labelle -- your idea is brilliant
(keeping only _one symbol_ of the SAN notation... but
a few friends of mine have already started playing with
the « old » rules -- see below -- and I don't feel like
imposing them to start allover again...)

(link in French) :

Steno-Chess on the ChessVariants server :


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