[Retros] Retro solving competition Messigny

Pascal Wassong pascal.wassong at free.fr
Tue Jun 29 05:54:34 EDT 2004


>>>>> "Joost" == Joost de Heer <ildjarn666 at linuxmail.org> writes:

Joost> Does anyone have the result of, and the compositions used
Joost> for the retro solving competition in Messigny?

The were 8 problems to solve. Each problem gave 5 points if found.
Here are the results of the retro solving competition :

Place, name, points time
1. Michel Caillaud 38 1h59
2. Thierry Le Gleuher 35 2h00
3. Gerd Wilts 31 1h58
4. Étienne Dupuis 26 1h59
5. Alain Villeneuve 23 1h59
6. John Beasley 16 1h35
7. Christian Poisson 16 1h55
8. Jacques Dupin 15 1h57
9. Laurent Riguet 15 1h59
9. Thomas Maeder 15 1h59
11. Joaquim Iglesias 10 1h42
12. Thomas Pantalacci 10 1h49
13. Daniel Joffart 10 2h00
14. Claude Wiedenhoff 8 2h00
15. Jérôme Auclair 5 1h56
16. Flotte 2 2h00

All 8 problems are original for Phénix. As sending them to a public
mailing list means publishing them, I prefer not send them here before
publication in Phénix.

There was one special problem by François Labelle (like the one : at
the 5th move black plays Rh1#, find the game), 5 SPGs by Christoph
Fieberg, Joost de Heer, Satoshi Hashimoto, Görand Wicklund and Rustam
Ubaidullaev, one classic retro by Tom Volet, and one classic retro
with the Madrasi condition by myself.


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