[Retros] Messigny 2004 : Retro Composing Tourney; results

Göran Wicklund (AL/EAB) goran.wicklund at ericsson.com
Thu Jun 3 05:43:58 EDT 2004

I have not fixed the 6 rook cyclic shift version, but I have modified
it to a 5 rook cyclic shift, which I think is correct. I would be happy
if anyone would like to check it before I publish it. Please send
me a mail if you are interested.

Best regards,

goran.wicklund at ericsson.com <mailto:goran.wicklund at ericsson.com>

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4th Prize :
Göran Wicklund
SPG 25.5 C+
Bad luck that the version with cyclic shift of 6 Rooks (!!!) was cooked. Let's hope that with more time Göran can fix it.

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