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(I already tried to send this yesterday and it didn't arrive; I don't know
Here is a new attempt)

The tourney was a terrific and unexpected success with 40 entries by 23
Many thanks to all who contributed to that!
You can expect that the next Champagne theme will be very difficult so that
the judge has a decent judging night!!

Anyway, here are the results that some may wait eagerly.
Sorry for those who will be disappointed : the level was extremely high for a
quick composing tournament.
1st Prize is a stunning masterpiece I expect will be widely reproduced.

Prizes :
criteria for entering this category were quite "simple" : either more than
twice the theme, either twice the theme with the 2 promotees captured.

1st Prize :
Reto Aschwanden
SPG 18.0 C+

2nd Prize :
Andreï Frolkin & Kostas Prentos
SPG 27.5

composers submitted a "light" version, maybe more artistic, but the
"sportive" achievement of 4 times the theme is of course justified for a thematical
SPG 21.5  C+

3rd Prize :
Thierry Le Gleuher
SPG 20.5  C+

4th Prize :
Göran Wicklund
SPG 25.5  C+
Bad luck that the version with cyclic shift of 6 Rooks (!!!) was cooked.
Let's hope that with more time Göran can fix it.

5th Prize :
Gerd Wilts
SPG 20.0
Bad luck for Gerd that Reto participated...

HM :
criteria for this category were less well defined : "invisible" promotions
(to use Nicolas Dupont's labelling) were necessary but not sufficient + some
special feature that favorably struck the tired judge (with so many entries, it
is hardly possible to study every subtlety of every problem...)

1st HM
Kostas Prentos & Andreï Frolkin
SPG 21.5  C+

2nd HM
Pascal Wassong, Nicolas Dupont & Göran Wicklund
SPG 10.5  C+
Nicolas and Göran submitted independant entries with "visible" promotion;
Pascal knew about their efforts before producing his version with "invisible"
promotion and that is why the 3 names are on the final result...

3rd HM
Christoph Fieberg
SPG 15.5  C+

4th HM :
Andreï Frolkin & Kostas Prentos
SPG 14.5  C+

5th HM :
Rustam Ubaidullaev
SPG 14.0   C+
Bad luck for Rustam that Reto and Gerd participated...

Commendations :
Less and less well defined criteria; special interest of course; sometimes
getting a smile from the exhausted judge was sufficient.
Bad luck for these nice problems (and also for not included problems) that
the participation was so strong!!

1st Com :
Gerd Wilts
SPG 20.0

2nd Com :
Nicolas Dupont
SPG 18,5  C+

3rd Com :
Igor Vereschagin & Rustam Ubaidullaev
SPG 19,5  C+

4th Com :
Gligor Denkovski
SPG 13.0  C+

5th Com :
Gianni Donati
SPG 16.5  C+

6th Com :
Vlaicu Crisan & Eric Huber
SPG 15.5  C+

7th Com :
Jacques Dupin & Maryan Kerhuel
SPG 8.0
Xx = Super-Pawns (instead of Pawns in initial position)

8th Com :
Jérôme Auclair
SPG 6.0  Circe Parrain

Best wishes,
  Michel Caillaud
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