[Retros] Christmas Contest 2003 of Stuttgarter Zeitung (solutions)

Jens Guballa J.Guballa at t-online.de
Sat Jan 24 13:51:31 EST 2004

Dear retro friends,

here is the translated summarization of the today's issue of the chess
column "Stuttgarter Zeitung" by Harald Keilhack:


94 solvers send their solutions, but only 24 of them could solve A) and
B) correctly, "thanks" to the tricky composition of B.

Here are the winners:

1st price (digital camera): K. Lorenz (Marbach)
2nd price (espresso machine): A. Laakmann (Stuttgart)
3rd price (telephone with answering machine): H. Bergmann (Aalen)

Almost every solver found the solution: back Pf7xNg8=N, forward:

Two solutions:
a) +wPg7, 0...Kxe8 1. g8=Q#
b) +wPb4, 1...Bb2# (black to move as he has no last move)
Keilhack admits that the two solutions were a dirty trick and so weaker
solvers often overlooked solution b), while several retro experts did
not find solution a).

Only solvers with both solutions were taken into account for the drawing
lots. But for the 2nd part of the contests (book prices for solving C)
- E)) the forgotten pawn on g7 will have no consequence.

Black retracts 0-0-0, white retracts Ra1xNf1 and checkmates with Ra1xRa8

Some solver said "C) is easy", but: "Black retracts 0-0-0, white
retracts 0-0 and 'Rumms' on square h8. But the experienced Christmas
Context solver is suspicious: it was never as easy as now. So, which
legal moves are left before the castling? Aha!" (P. Lau)

Only if a knight on f1 is de-captured, black gets a piece that must have
moved before. A bishop on f1 is not possible, because f2-f1=B is

In all four cases the earliest check can be given in the 5th move.
e.g. a) 1. d4 c5 2. Nc3 cxd4 3. Be3 dxe3 4. Qxd7+ Kxd7 5. O-O-O+
e.g. c) 1. e4 f5 2. Ba6 fxe4 3. Ne2 e3 4. fxe3 Kf7 5. O-O+
For b) and d) the solution is the same, white only has to make one more
tempo move.

According to B. Schwarzkopf this problem is anticipated by Eero
Bonsdorff, "Helsingin Sanomat", 17th of April 1960.

The solution for E) and the winners of the book prices will follow in
the next issue.


So far the chess column of Stuttgarter Zeitung. I hope everybody enjoyed
the contest as I did.

Best regards,

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