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Sat Jan 24 09:49:01 EST 2004

The same position can be reached with Anti-Andernach:
1.d4(bP) d6(wP) 2.Qxd4 Qxd6 3.Qxa7 Qxh2 4.Qxb8 Qxg2 5.Rxh7 Rxa2 6.Rxh8 Rxb2
7.Rxg8 Rxc2 8.Rxg7 Rxc1+ 9.Kd2 Rxb1 10.Qxb7 Bxb7 11.Rxb1 Qxg1 12.Rxf7 Qxf1
13.Rxf8+ Kxf8 14.Rxb7 Qxf2 15.Rxc7 Qxe2+ 16.Kxe2 Ke8 17.Rxe7+ Kxe7.

Anti-Andernach = A unit (except a King) which moves without capturing
changes colour (more exactly, it takes the colour of the opposite side : a
neutral piece moved by White becomes black...).
A "new" white Rook appearing on a1 or h1, or a black Rook on a8 or h8, can
Une pièce qui ne capture pas (Roi excepté) change de couleur (plus
précisément, elle prend la couleur du camp adverse : une pièce neutre jouée
par les Blancs devient noire...).
Une "nouvelle" Tour blanche apparaissant sur a1 ou h1 , ou noire sur a8 ou
h8, peut roquer.

Open question: Make an exact PG in Anti-Andernach, which ends with two

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>To: retros at janko.at

>Subject: RE: [Retros] SPG task (1+1)

>Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 10:53:15 +0100


> > Sam Loyd also composed positions with wKf1/bKf8 and wKe2/bKe7, but I do

> > not know if they are exact PG?s. Back then, the emphasis was only on

> > getting to the position as fast as possible.

> >

> > The first example has duals, but I cannot find an obvious dual in the

> > second:

> >

> > 1.c4 d5 2.cxd5 Qxd5 3.Qc2 Qxg2 4.Qxc7 Qxg1 5.Qxb7 Qxh2

> > 6.Qxb8 Qe5 7.Qxc8+ Rxc8 8.Rxh7 Qxb2 9.Rxh8 Qxa2 10.Rxg8 Qxd2+

> > 11.Kxd2 Rxc1 12.Rxg7 Rxb1 13.Rxf7 Rxf1 14.Rxf8+ Kxf8 15.Rxa7 Rxf2

> > 16.Rxe7 Rxe2+ 17.Kxe2 Kxe7.


>1. c4 d5 2. cxd5 Bh3 3. Nxh3 Qxd5 4. Ng5 Qxa2 5. Nxh7 Qxb1 6. Nxf8 Qxc1 7.

>Qxc1 Rxh2 8. Qxc7 Rxg2 9. Qxb7 Rxf2 10. Qxb8+ Rxb8 11. Rxa7 Rxf1+ 12. Rxf1

>Rxb2 13. Rxf7 Rxd2 14. Rxg7 Rxe2+ 15. Kxe2 Kxf8 16. Raxe7 Nxe7 17. Rxe7



>1. d4 c5 2. Nh3 h6 3. Bxh6 cxd4 4. Bxg7 Rxh3 5. Bxf8 Rxh2 6. Bxe7 Rxg2 7.

>Qxd4 Rxf2 8. Qxa7 Rxf1+ 9. Rxf1 Nxe7 10. Qxb8 Rxa2 11. Rxf7 Rxb2 12. Qxc8

>Rxb1+ 13. Rxb1 Qxc8 14. Rxb7 Qxc2 15. Rxd7 Qxe2+ 16. Kxe2 Kxd7 17. Rxe7+



>1. e4 d5 2. exd5 Qxd5 3. Bd3 Qxa2 4. Bxh7 Qxb1 5. Bxg8 Qxc2 6. Bxf7+ Kxf7

>7. Rxa7 Qxc1 8. Rxb7 Rxh2 9. Rxb8 Rxb8 10. Qxc1 Rxg2 11. Qxc7 Rxb2 12. Qxc8

>Rxg1+ 13. Rxg1 Rxd2 14. Qxf8+ Kxf8 15. Rxg7 Rxf2 16. Rxe7 Re2+ 17. Kxe2






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